What exactly is your proprietary system “7 Step System for Attracting Big Budget Clients?”TM all about?

Attracting a consistent stream of great clients AND big budget clients too, begins with understanding what MATTERS to your ideal client, what interests them, what their major struggles are, and what motivates them to buy from you. And it also means taking serious, focused action so you can have all the clients you will ever want or need. Here’s an overview of the system what you’ll learn in the process:

Step #1. WHO You Target… Matters
Identify Your Ideal Client – Together, we clearly identify who your ideal clients are: the WHO, WHAT, WHY, HOW of what makes YOU their perfect solution. And we discuss where you can find them in large numbers and inexpensively.

Step #2. Your MINDSET… Matters
Are You Getting In Your Own Way? – We examine common “stinkin’ thinking” attitudes that could be influencing the success or failure of your business. We evaluate your beliefs, prioritize specific mindset strategies, and put a pause on non-essential “influences” so you can fully invest yourself in growing your business. Essentially, we shine a light and determine what’s most important to focus on.

Step #3. How You LOOK… Matters
Get an “A” in Charm School – We examine your existing marketing materials. We construct a compelling marketing message, craft your tagline and an elevator speech that grabs attention, making people call YOU as opposed to you chasing after THEM. We also spend time clarifying what you offer specifically in terms of results and benefits to your clients.

Step #4. HOW You Market… Matters
Choose Your Marketing Wisely – We examine the marketing strategies you are currently using to get your message out there and how effective it is. This ties in heavily with the amount of time you are investing in your marketing. We review your schedule, remove ‘time stealers’, prioritize your daily task lists and schedule in follow up time. You’ll then cluster your client days, business develop days and days off so that you make the most of every minute you have.

Step #5. What You SAY & DO… Matters
Master Your Sales Process – It doesn’t do you much good if you put a lot of effort into marketing and attracting new clients if you don’t have an effective sales process. How well are you managing your sales process? How good are you at closing the sale properly? Here, we take you step-by-very-specific-step through your sales funnel to look for and plug up any leaks. This step alone is worth double the investment of this entire program.

Step #6. Systems and Tools
How FAST You Do It… Matters – There is never a time you will stop marketing completely–unless you don’t want anymore clients ever again. The good news is, by adding automated systems and online tools – it’s not overly time-consuming or full of effort. The systems we put in place will almost run by themselves and soon, you will be literally picking up the phone and meeting with new clients and prospects you didn’t even know!

Step #7. Delegate & Outsource
WHO Does What… Matters – We take stock of and prioritize the tasks that need to be completed on a regular basis and review what can be delegated or outsourced. By freeing yourself up to focus your efforts on high dollar, high ROI, money generating activities, you are then free to focus only on what you love and thereby produce more revenue for your business.

These are the steps of the “7 Step System for Attracting Big Budget Clients™” that I’ve created after working for over 23+ years in the interior design industry. In addition to these 7 steps, you‘ll learn many other tips and strategies to help you manage your clients more easily, to make your time work for YOU, to close your sales easily and to work smarter not harder!