“How to Market Your Business Online Step by Step”


“Do You Wish There Was an Internet Marketing Training Program On What to Do Next?”

“Focusing on what you have to do next after setting up your online business — without getting overwhelmed by details — in 4 easy lessons!”
Dear Business Owner,

You’ve set up your website. Now what?

If you believe all the emails you get telling you that you need to learn just about everything there is when it comes to marketing your business, including…

• Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
• SEO and keyword research
• Outsourcing
• Building your list
• Email newsletters
• Setting up an Autoresponder
• Planning an email campaign
• Social media promotions and ads
• Sales funnels
• Free reports
• Offering packages for your services
• Advertising online with banner ads
• Pay per Click and Adwords
• A/B split testing
• Tracking your results
• Google Analytics
• Shopping cart selection and set up
• What you can learn from feedback
• Keeping your customers happy online
• Taking stock and revising your business plan
• Where to go from here

Well, they’re quite right. You do have to know ‘something’ about the above topics. But what they don’t tell you is that you can learn that knowledge in steps or phases. And each phase or layer builds firmly on the one before!