We understand how much time it takes to run a business. Worrying about whether your website is protected from malware attacks or if it’s running optimally, or if your WordPress plug-ins are out of date is something you just don’t have time to do.

In an effort to maintain optimal security for your website, we are now providing a complete solution for Website Maintenance and Security.

Unfortunately, the evolution of web malware over the past few years has created a multi-million dollar industry in which new businesses are emerging everyday that are trying to hack and sabotage your website. Our service is built around our passion and commitment to providing cost-effective services for our clients.

When you sign up for the website maintenance, you’ll receive the following:


  • Monitoring – Your website is monitored for malware, blacklisting, DNS, WHOIS, SSL Certification, and site changes.
  • Removal – When you find an issue you submit a removal ticket to us. This process continues until all infections are removed.
  • Updates – theme, software and plugin updates are detected and updated consistently to keep your website operating smoothly. Oftentimes, a conflict in compatibility with an updated element can cause the functionality on your website to be compromised.

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